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Instead of whining over of how no one looks at my new stuff, I'm going to have the attitude of a proper artist and ask: Have I made any improvement in the past 8 months?

The same old 2 deviations in my gallery get faved every day and I'm starting to wonder if it's for a good reason. It's really difficult to tell from my standpoint, because I'll make excuses for why those are the most popular. "oh, it's only because it's Chelly", or "it has so many views and faves so they only think it must be good", or "this is the best joke in existence- omg OMG I must save this picture so I may cherish it forever".
It doesn't matter if I ravaged every art and anatomy book I could get my hands on since then. If my skills are going down the drain I need to know.

So I'm going to ask:
   Have I improved?
   Have I gotten worse?
   Is there anything about my old art I need to start incorporating again?
   What needs improvement?
   Any suggestions?

This isn't a "Pity Me" post or a "Gimme Attention" post.
This is a "Slag Needs to Get Done and I Need Help" post.

I want to be a better artist.
I lost  the editable game files. I wanted to change so many things so badly. That was the whole point of choosing a rotten game- half the game grade is for how much you can improve it using the questionnaires. blaaaaaaaa It's on that stupid red Kingston usb card I probably lost back at MC. No one ever turned it in and I have many other valuable things on there too. bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh Plus, I said I would reward everyone who helped me with a version of the game that doesn't suck so much bluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
I made a pretty terrible game for my "Designing For Humans" class and I need some volunteers to test it.

If you want to help out, just send me your email address in a note and I'll send you a copy of the game. It's a small file so it won't take long to download (you may have to download "GameMaker" for it to work, though). I'll send along a questionnaire and if you could tape yourself playing the game that would get me some major bonus points for the project (I need at least one volunteer on that part). What I said just now sounded really creepy, but that's how game testing goes. Audio is also important and it would be very helpful if you said everything you were thinking while you play the game. If you feel uncomphortable being taped, an audio recording would be beautiful.

Oh, and the name of the game?
"Slenderman... The Game".
I actually made a year ago, but I recycled it for the class I'm taking now. Once I use the questionnaires to improve the game, I'll reward the testers with the new copy. I'm all out of cake.
ps: The game takes about 5 min to play and I need at least 30 volunteers.

"Slenderman... The Game" is mine.
"Slenderman" is property of Marble Hornets
Who wants to play this Portal 2 DLC with me?
Xbox live: you, me and a glass of my best confetti.
I will do my best to amuse you while you wonder why I'm not helping you solve puzzles faster.
There will be robot hugs.
plz.. I don't want to be yelled at by strangers anymore.
Translation: fewer updates, derailed projects, possibly broken promises of art.
:C        ;___;          :(             Apologies from future me for whatever I fail to do. Present me is still an ok dude though. The ok-est of all dudes. Past me is a spacey weirdo.  
I am so tired and I still have so much to do...
At least I managed to finish the entirety of Homestuck (all friggen 6000 pages) before I had to go back to classes (last summer break everrr).
Also: Homestuck reminded that I tend to adopt the linguistics of what I am reading most at the time. very unintentionally.
and I'm going to buy so many fruit gushers now. and Faygo
I accidentally a whole plot/ retelling in my head. :/ I'm not sure what this means for the future of Portal West or the quality of my schoolwork and social life, but something is definitely going to something. The turret cows may or may not have a special introductory comic somewhere in that mix of something. Wheatley's giant robot may or may not double as a weather control device. Wheatley the ostrich knight may or may not be a part of this something of which I speak.
A note about the OC's: I don't draw fast, so I was thinking I would take the ones already suggested and use them as extras, background characters... and cannon fodder. The exception is CD's because she put some mad work into that, so her OC will get at least a little more attention than the others. If the welfare of your OC is important to you, please let me know. If it's only slightly important to you, then let me know the extent of damage I am allowed to bring to it.
And I still can't decide whether Fact Core should be fat or not. Please help me with this. You don't know what I would do for the sake of a joke.

This particular "Portal Western" storyline and any original ideas there-in belong to me (I'm only saying it this way because I have no idea when I'm being original or not and copyright for fan work is confusing. I should also find a better word than "belong").
The original idea for Portal Western, OC's and Portal 1 & 2 aren't mine.

Edit: I found out I'm not the first to do the portal western thing. I was maybe the first to want to do a whole big retelling using it, but that's it. So from now on (if there is a now on; I need to respect personal property) I'll just say the fan-comic and storyline"Portal West" is mine. Like how a fanfiction is someone's.
Can't I just, like, pick you guys up and carry you over to Tumblr? I'm not going to quit DA, but Tumblr is too delicious to ignore.
I will follow anyone on my friend's list who joins Tumblr and then draw pictures with them on p-chat and type with them while watching livestream and spam their inbox and and and. ;n;
I love you guys and I want to keep you, but Tumblr is my souuuuulmate.

Edit: my url is now… , in case anyone wants to bring their instrument and hop the bandwagon.
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Something happened on Tumblr and there was Slenderman and Disney Worl and...
Chris Christie
Chris Christie
Chris Christie
Chris Christie
Chris Christie
Chris Christie
Chris Christie
Chris Christie
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but I  just wanted to say I got a Tumbler account now!

Edit: shoot; just realized I posted the wrong link o_o;
correct link:
So heeey, you know that "object head" Wheatley that seems to creep everyone out, but won't go away (sort of like me)? Well, after a good bit of scouring, it seems I can't find a version of object head Wheatley older than April 30... Which is when I submitted a certain picture containing object head Wheatley to deviant art.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think I'm the trend setter (I don't get enough views for that). Everyone was probably thinking and drawing the same thing I was at the time and I was probably just the first to get it on the internet, but still... I find this pret-ty awesome. Because object head Wheatley is my favorite Wheatley (except for the original) and the cast of my "Portal West" is (for the most part) object heads.

Even if I was the first to do the object head Wheatley thing, though, someone did a companion cube/ pyramid head a ways back (2007) which was [also] ragingly cool.  

If I'm wrong about any of this, please let me know (nicely). I don't even want to reject credit that isn't mine to reject.

Edit: found an earlier version from April 18th, so I am definitely not the perpetrator. I'm just one of the many people who came up with the same awesome idea.
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The Rules:
1) You must post these rules
2) Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal
3) You have to choose and tag any 10 people
4) Go to their pages and tell them you tagged them

1) The SL's native habitat is a basement full of fire hazards and a mouse that comes out at night to eat spiders.

2) The SL uses too many hearts in her comments :heart:

3) The SL has been mistaken for Chewbacca, Cousin Itt, and several tribbles stacked on top of one another.

4) The SL was once attacked by a squirrel.

5) The SL has the least consistent art style of anyone she's seen.

6) The SL majored in digital simulation and animation art in her last college and is waiting for her classes to start up at UB so she can get a BS (Science= :heart:)

7) The SL is using her previous fact as an excuse to draw lots of fan art and play video games while she waits until August for those classes to start.

8) The SL has no job this summer >:C

9) The SL loves scary stories, scary games, scary books, scary places and scary villains (especially scary Wheatley :heart:).

10) The SL loves nearly all animals and things with an animal like mind (like Dog from Half Life) and is willing to risk rabies for a little mouse that has probably already been eaten by a hawk (but she loves hawks, too, so that's ok).

11) The SL ranges between imaginative and paranoid.

12) The SL sometimes talks more than she needs to.

SL= StrangersLight=me
BRB, tagging everyone
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Please read statement at the bottom of the page before reading the rest of the page.

You're going to see a lot of Portal 2 Western fanart using object-heads (or as I temporarily like to call them, "primary core extensions". PCE's for short) in my gallery soon, so I thought I should post a cast list before I confuse the heck out of everyone.

PCE's are primarily inspired by a few of Rat Man's drawings in the game, and further embraced by this mind blowing awesomeriffic website:… I have no idea who was the first to do it after Rat Man.
The Western part is inspired by the innate fan-instinct (I'm so not the first) to place Portal games in the 1800's, and my undieing love of Western parodies.

This is from waaaay back on April 30th, and it has been spawning brain demons in my head since then:… (only now everything is a little more north and very much west. I've also done quite a bit more practicing, so Chell will not look in the parody the same way she does here).

Cast List:

Chell: The Gunslinger (I felt bad for not giving her any manner of weaponry before, so now she has a pair of pearl-handled revolvers. Since moon dust is a little difficult to collect in the 19th century, they just shoot bullets. On the up side, since she's Chell, she finds some very clever uses for those bullets)

Wheatley: The Snake Oil Salesman (oooh, forewarning! Although he does believe in his products)/ Classic Villain (I need to figure out the actual name for those guys. He may also suffer from a case of Snidely Whiplash syndrome, where-in he has the uncontrollable urge to tie people to railroad tracks)

Glados: The Priest (I don't have any problem with religion; The priest in a western is just often depicted in a negative light. Plus, she does love to burn things)

Potato Battery: A Horse Named Potato

Rick: Frontiersman (Those guys with the coon skin hats. He is in a secret relationship with Rocket Sentry from Portal 1. What Can I say? He loves danger!)

Space Core: Prospector (Gold! Gold! Gold!)

Fact Core: Telegraph Interpreter (He's terrible at his job, so it's like a game of telephone with him. Only with a telegraph. It's a game of telegraph?)

Companion Cube: The Bar(Saloon?)tender

Co Op Bots: Saloon Girl (And Guy)/ Giant Battle Robots (Wait, what? You'll find out soon enough!)

Rat Man: The Town Drunk (or at least that's everyone's opinion of the poor guy)

Turrets: Cows :moo: (Defective Turrets become delicious burgers and Franken-Turrets are what happen when you let Wheatley gene splice)

Cores from Portal 1: Tumble Weeds (Talking tumble weeds. Except for, you know, Morality Core the quiet conscious)

Rocket Sentry: Oil rig worker (I don't know if there were oil rig workers back then and in that part of the country. I just wanted an excuse to ship Rick and and a masculine Rocket Sentry as a couple.)

Cave Johnson: The Sheriff

Caroline: The Deputy

Birds from Portal 2: Vultures

G-man: The Mysterious Stranger (he's going to keep his briefcase even if I have to staple it to his shoulders. And considering how I'm going to draw most of the characters, I just might)

Please let me know any comments, questions, and advice you may have! (my knowledge of Westerns and 19th century history is still rather limited) This isn't going to be a whole retelling of the game, just a few jokes and ye old quotes.
Let me know if you want me to do something for your, OC, as well C: (There is already one lovely deviant I owe some work to). There are still quite a few roles that can be filled.

Portal and Portal 2 belong to Valve.

Rick/Rocket Sentry = OTP! :heart:

I'm just determined to make you people think I'm either an idiot or I've gone completely crazy, aren't I? *u*
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I introduced my dad to Portal 2 a few weeks ago and now he trying to grow a giant potato by keeping it in a cup of water on the window sill. I'm not sure how to react.
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Darn you numbers for being so exciting
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I hate this house, I hate its plumbing system and I hate everything inside of it. I just finished drying my face off with a towel, and when I shook it open, a silver fish jumped out of it.
  I don't post entries to this, or any other journal, very often, but I just want to share this tidbit of information with you all. I dryed my face with a bug towel. A bug that has a million legs and is as sneaky as it is disgusting. The last time I had an experience this horrible was when I was washing my tooth brush and one those things dropped out of the facet 5 minutes later (after I finished brushing my teeth).
  I'm afraid to vomit because one of them might be hiding in the next towel I use. Or in the toilet bowel. Or inside my keyboooaaar *puts on gloves* d.
  D:   D:   D:   D:   D:
  Best case scenario is that it was hiding inside the towel. Worst case, it fell on my face while I was in the shower and was wiped off with the towel.
  Why can't this place just be haunted like normal houses?
I'm pretending I'm in California right now, so it still counts. OMG, I love numbers so friggen muuuuuch! I also may be drunk.
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If I'm reading this, I should be doing homework.
School stuff. This combines my love of dragonflies and my slowly growing fascination with helicopters.…
This is just me being an ass when class instructions said to turn ANY image I wanted into a puzzle.
Guess what... It's my birthday... My 21ST birthday *drinks*.
You know what else is awesome? Guys still ask me my age before they try talking to me. Do guys do that with every girl, for the sake of finding ground, or do my chubby cheeks and un-revealing clothes drive away attention from my giant lady hips? In high-school, old men were constantly hitting on me; I think puberty weight made me look stouter and filled in some wrinkles. I mean, I'm kind of average now; but I was pretty thin for 2 years in HS.
I will hate myself so much for writing this once I'm sober. There's no telling how many grammatical errors I forgot to edit.
Also: Is it a good idea to drink and study? forget it. Sociology id stupid as FRAG grenades. See? See? I just made a spl error! And now I'm giggling for no apparent reason! I will bury this under so many journal entries, it lose its eyes and become like one of those cave fish and just go GLUB GLUB GLUB GLUB *DRINKS*
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