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  • Eating: nothing ever again
I hate this house, I hate its plumbing system and I hate everything inside of it. I just finished drying my face off with a towel, and when I shook it open, a silver fish jumped out of it.
  I don't post entries to this, or any other journal, very often, but I just want to share this tidbit of information with you all. I dryed my face with a bug towel. A bug that has a million legs and is as sneaky as it is disgusting. The last time I had an experience this horrible was when I was washing my tooth brush and one those things dropped out of the facet 5 minutes later (after I finished brushing my teeth).
  I'm afraid to vomit because one of them might be hiding in the next towel I use. Or in the toilet bowel. Or inside my keyboooaaar *puts on gloves* d.
  D:   D:   D:   D:   D:
  Best case scenario is that it was hiding inside the towel. Worst case, it fell on my face while I was in the shower and was wiped off with the towel.
  Why can't this place just be haunted like normal houses?
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Submitted on
November 4, 2010